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What is it, that mystical SEO? In simple terms, this means that someone optimises your site for search engines to consider it to be better for certain keywords. They will then place it higher in their results. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? In order for SEO to have a real effect, it is not enough that someone registers your site “in 120 Slovak and world catalogs”. You need to have solved OnPage optimisation – that is, optimising your site code. Ideally, if your developer has already done so during the production of the site. These are the meta-tags, H1 headings, and other wise shortcuts. More importantly, the following OffPage optimisation – the way you talk about your site on the Internet, social networks and blogs. Quality backlinks are those that come from quality blogs and, most importantly, they will stay forever.

Catalogue registration, backlink swaping and purchase is nonsense. SEO should have results.


of the current state of the web and position at Google


on the creation of valuable content, that you will keep


as well as conversions every month

Sounds familiar?

If we want to build your position in Google organic search in the long term, we need to do it systematically. The long-term strength of your SEO are quality backlinks from quality sources. No purchased or swapped links, but unique content in an article, blog, or social network with the right number of keywords and their synonyms that contains the link to your site in the right place.


Since SEO is not exact, the whole success lies in the experience. Our professionals work on dozens of websites at the same time, so we know what’s working right now. Sometimes you signed up in a few meaningless catalogs, swapped back links in the partners section, and that was it. Only SEO amateurs do this today.


We make an analysis of the current state

Where you are, where the competition is, how the web is made and what to target. We will find out what we stand against and how you stand in the competition. We want to be sure that if we do this, it will have an effect. Based on the Analysis, we know how much work your site needs.  

We propose a monthly range of work

We will prepare the recommended range of monthly work. With it, as a result of the analysis, the expected increase in site traffic after 6, 12 and 24 months. For us these are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and if we fail to do so, you have the right to ask why.

We begin the OnPage optimisation

The first step to success is a good code. Our specialists will add missing parameters to it in cooperation with your webmaster. We will also create the necessary texts – content, respectively. subpages that will be used to enrich the content. Of course, we consult the visible changes with you.

We begin the OffPage optimisation

We gradually build a network of your own articles on the Internet. We write engaging, but mainly “SEO friendly”. Each such article builds a network of your back links. We publish your content to Twitter and Facebook to show Google how important articles are linking to you. We work until we meet the goal we set.

Case Study – SEO PreDeti.sk

+ 101%
Medziročná návštevnosť v októbri 2018 v porovnaní s októbrom 2017 dosiahla nárast závratných 101%.

+ 110%
Kvalita nových používateľov viedla k nárastu obratu z organického vyhľadávania až o 110%

Výsledky SEO od GoUP-u nás úprimne prekvapili. Očakávali sme rast, ale nie v tak krátkej dobe. Výsledky sa začali prejavovať už do troch mesiacov a rast stále pokračuje. Nie len v SEO, ale aj v ostatných činnostiach majú v GoUP nápady, ktoré náš online presúvajú a z ich realizácie vidieť, že sa fakt vyznajú.

Petra Trčíková


And what is the result?

The result of our work is your profit. So we monitor these metrics in order of importance:

  1. Positions of important key words

    Which tell us if we start to move in the right direction.

  2. Traffic from higher positions

    If the improved positions generate more traffic.

  3. And the most important - more demand or ideally higher profit

    It is nice to be first and it is nice to have much traffic. Yet if this does not generate profit, it is not worth it. Therefore our most important metric is return on investment to SEO - or how demand increases or profit from organic search.

We will be your own online department. What you need, we will do. In agreed range and with agreed target. From 45 € per hour.

450 € 600 € 900 € MOST FAVOURITE 1600 € 2500 €

For one product or service

In 10 hours per month, a SEO specialist can maintain a standard set of approximately 80 activities to maintain traffic growth from organics of a small website with a small number of services or a mono-thematic e-shop. If you create new content for occasional linkbulding yourself, it will work.

Small e-shop or a few services

In 15 hours per month in addition to the standard 80 SEO activities we have the space to create perfectly optimised content from our SEO copywriters ready for linking for a small e-shop or website with services. All you need is some backlinking credit.

Web or e-shop with an ambition of 1M+ annually

This is SEO from which you can see the growth of traffic from month to month. In addition to above-standard SEO activities, we have space for perfectly optimised content from our SEO copywriters and its regular linkbuilding, even for a medium e-shop or complex website. We'll still need credit for backlinks.

Fullframe SEO: 30h + backlinking

If you want to strengthen your organics by 100% year-on-year on a compex website or e-shop, you are at the right place. We solve complex SEO up to the depth of server settings and all other SEO activities on a monthly basis are a matter of course. A dedicated linkbuilder also works on your project to continuously take care of the best back links. Including credit for quality paid articles.

Big SEO: 50h + backlinking

This is the same as in Fullframe SEO, but we have two SEO specialists. Such a large SEO is suitable for very large projects or international SEO. We are specialists in German, Dutch, Belgian, Italian, Austrian and Czech SEO. A month-on-month increase in organic traffic by tens of percent is a matter of course.


SEO is a long-term process. It can be compared to a mortgage – you pay for it for a long time, but eventually it is yours. Prepare an investment of at least 6 months, when the first results must come. However, this will be just the beginning and your optimisation story will take years. At the end, however, there will be a sweet reward in the form of massive traffic of customers who will come back again and again. So how much does it cost per month? Depending on the initial analysis that will reveal the extent of your site, its competition, and current positions, we will propose the ideal time frame needed for some real results to come true. And it starts at 10 hours a month, but the ideal amount is 20 hours or more. So we are talking about the price of 450 € per month and more for the period of at least 6 months.



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