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For Bratislava Motor Show we exceeded target video views on YouTube by 583%

We helped our client Chernobylwel.com expand to 11 markets in 9 months

To an established Bekoshop e-shop we helped increase turnover by 68% year on year.

To PreDeti.sk e-shop we increased traffic from organic search (SEO) by 80% in 6 months.

To our client Chernobylwel.com we increased the number of orders by 91%.

Campaigns of TeploZima reach 43% year on year increase in demand.

Within 6 months after takeover of campaigns of Pánska Elegancia we decreased the conversion price by 60%.

To an e-shop PreDeti we increased turnover by 63% year on year


We have been working with GoUP TEAM for several years. Throughout the cooperation, we have always experienced helpfulness, expert advice and pro-customer-oriented professional approach. With their help, we can be seen where we need it. Thank you and we look forward to further cooperation."

doc. Ing. Petr Všetečka, PhD. Garant Partner Plus

Working with GoUP, we can rate it as above average. Communication and response to the processing of our requirements is solved in a sufficiently fast time. We highly recommend it to other interested parties.

Jaroslav Košťál LedXenony.sk

We have been cooperating with GoUP advertising agency for a long time. There is mutual harmony between us. GoUP experts communicate quickly, always addressing all requirements and taking care of campaigns. This is why I reject other competitive offers and I highly recommend this advertising agency to my partners.

Oľga Kurejová MKcar

Our company is satisfied with GoUP - Google advertising campaign which is proven by the fact that we have been using it actively without a break since February 2013. At the same time, we see an increasing number of clients since we have handed over the advertising campaign to them compared to managing our own campaigns. We recommend their services to our clients too.

Martin Bendik nakupujbezpecne.sk

We were very satisfied with GoUP's Google and Facebook campaigns created for our development project Nová Terasa in Košice. The Facebook page of the project received a new branded visual, a 4- fold number increase of fans, and the number of queries brought to us from Google exceeded our expectations. Throughout the whole campaign, we communicated with GoUP and directed the strategies. They managed to align with our agency, which leads the project's overall marketing strategy. We were also regularly updated on reports in personal meetings with account managers or PPC specialists. I am pleased to recommend cooperation with GoUP.

Peter Šimko Penta Investments

I am 100% satisfied with the work of the agency GoUP. I don’t think any more words are necessary.


On behalf of Spiš Tour company we would like to thank you for the professional services provided. Prompt response to our requirements, nice staff approach and willingness. We are really very satisfied. Thank you and we look forward to further cooperation .. :)

Pavol Dzurilla spistour.sk

I have already recommended GoUP advertising agency to my partners several times. Staff members at the agency are very responsive and helpful. In the event of changes or problems, they immediately inform us what suits us best. I am satisfied with their work.

Zuzana Hyžová toparla.sk

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