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Our Leader (CEO), Tomáš, has been in charge of GoUP since 2008, since the time when Internet marketing was making baby steps. He is steering the direction of the agency and, having worked on thousands of campaigns, he knows exactly what works. He surrounds himself by the team that he can rely on 100% and the team can rely 100% on him. He holds 5 Google Certificates, which may have expired by now.
I lead a team of top professionals that make me proud! I enjoy watching our people grow with every new project. Over the years, we have grown to a 15-member team, and last year we have greatly strengthened the SEO team, even though at certain time SEO seemed to be dead, yet on the contrary, there is enormous potential. When I was only 16 I made my first website and soon I discovered that I enjoyed communicating on the Internet more than coding. At university, I understood the functioning of computer networks and when the AdWords advertising system began to develop, its philosophy captivated me. I started experimenting with it and results came immediately. It has been a clear path since then. I am inspired by people who can see further than others. Marketers who are psychologists, leaders who are an inspiration not just for their business, but for the whole world. I enjoy success. The remarkable result of a campaign or the acquisition of a large client, or when Google evaluates us as an agency with a high growth potential – is a signal to me that what we do we do well. I feel disappointed if something that should work does not. This means unnecessary or double work. Therefore, I make sure that we perform flawlessly at the first time. I can never break free from work. Whenever I am online (which is practically always), I watch what’s going on. But it’s getting better. At the beginning I thought about work non-stop even at night. Now I even have weekends when I completely forget about work. An ideal client is the one who has a realistic goal. A good campaign is never enough if you have a non-marketable product. If a client understands his work, is willing to cooperate and is open for advise, then really enjoy watching his business grow month on month. Family. Without an excellent personal background, one cannot achieve anything. Good food. I’m a hedonist in this – I treat myself to a good meal. I like cooking and wine is my hobby. I recommend DveDeci wine shop (despite not being a client yet) 😉 Modern technologies. Nevertheless, I don’t have to have the latest cutting edge on the market, but I’m a systematic person, fascinated by the systems that work.

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